More Figures Released for Ford Ranger Raptor

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Further details of the Ranger Raptor have been revealed on Ford Performance’s Australia website, offering a deeper insight into the specs of the hotly anticipated super-truck than when the truck was announced last month.

We know that the engine will b a 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel unit that gives 210bhp and 3868lbf.ft, but now we know what the truck will be able to haul with that unit.

The payload comes in light at 758kg, as does the braked towing capacity which falls short of the magic 3-tonne figure by 500kg – no small matter for aspiring owners who would use their Raptor as a working pick-up.

Other measurements that would be of interest to those customers are the dimensions of the truck bed, which measures 1743mm in length with a width of 1560mm. Between the wheelhouses, that drops to 1139mm and the tailgate aperture is 1485mm wide.

In terms of economy, the Ranger Raptor is quoted a combined 34.4mpg and 212g/km for CO2 emissions.

These figures are a tad disappointing and may well have taken the truck out of the reckoning for many drivers who need more industrial abilities.

With release set for next year, we are still waiting on pricing for the first Ford Raptor to be sold in Europe.