Isuzu D-Max Utah V-Cross

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Isuzu have announced the D-Max Utah V-Cross special edition of the newly revitalised pick-up.

Based on the high-spec Utah double cab, the run of 100 V-Cross models come with some extra additions to make it stand out.

On the outside, there is the front splitter with rather dashing red detailing. The V-Cross also has unique alloys – 12-spokers in a diamond black finish,

The touchscreen on the dash acts as a portal for the front camera, which allows the driver to see obstacles before the truck that would usually be in their blind spot. When switching between first gear (or drive in automatic trucks) and reverse, the display changes from camera to camera to match the direction of travel. Very convenient indeed.

In the upper glovebox hides another perk of the special edition truck – the wireless charger, The rubberised charging pad powers compatible mobile phones without the necessity of a charging cable, meaning you can always stay connected in your Isuzu.

Pricing for the D-Max Utah V-Cross begins at £26,199 for commercial vehicles on the road, and adding an automatic gearbox adds a further £1,000 onto the bill. Not a bad price, for a mere £500 over standard Utah models. The limited edition is available to order now with first models arriving in dealerships in January 2019.